Hi there!

This is my blog – inspired by Pixelgeek I thought I’d get one!

I’m going to post here about all the games I play.. which by chance are all made by a fabulous company called Games Workshop. I play Epic Armageddon, 40k and soon I’ll also be fielding Warmaster armies.

I got a lot of spare time at the moment due to my job situation (haven’t got any – thumbs up!).

so I’m dedicating all my spare time to gaming… wait a sec – and to my wife (no evil eyes then!).

She’s from Sweden!

My current projects include:

A Gothic Epic crossover campaign system, which I think is really simple. Everybody else thinks it’s really complicated! But there is actually only three features in it: Moving, trading, fighting. Like any space adventure should be!

A converted Dark Eldar 40k army. The Dark Eldar troops models are ugly. Plain and simple. Thus I’ve tried to device a new model for them, using the heads of their Warhammer Fantasy counterparts the Dark Elves. I’m very pleased with the result and I always post a picture when I get a chance… but my Computer says I’ve have to spend time installing something called Hello Blogger, before I can do it, so it won’t be right now. Not that I’m lazy – nooo… I’m on my way to the fair city of Esbjerg to do battle with my mighty warriors of the Black Legion.

It’ll be a bash with the dreaded Space Marines of the Blood Angels chapter… Luckily I’ve got a banelord titan on my side – that’s going to come in handy!

Until next time!



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