The battle for Thorne Mountain

The third Bring & Battle will be a bit special. Instead of simply showing up and battling it out, we will have a small departure from the regular programme and play a bit of a narrative campaign.

I will forewarn you though, that it will not be a comprehensive affair. Rather, I find that just a small bit of nudging is more than enough to get the story going, so don’t expect moving pieces on a map, supply lines, and so on.

The background

The Mountain of Thorne lies in the Borderlands. Here, King Uszniewicz the Amusian had his keep in the foothills of the mountain. Throughout the years the king had held the lands around the mountain, which were ruled by various lesser kings and lords, in an iron grip. But now the old king has up and died. In the absence of the king’s harsh rule, new alliances are being forge and war and strife is imminent. From the rabble of lesser lords, four great alliances have been formed. Each alliance aim to usurp the power and rule the lands.

The practical stuff

Venue: Tornbjerg gymnasium, Odense

Seats: 16 players

Date: October 8th, 2022

The vision: The 16 players will be split in 4 alliances. Each alliance will have a leader (nominated by the alliance members) whom they seek to put on the throne of Thorne Mountain.

The day will be comprised of three games for each player. Each game will have unique conditions and scenarios affecting it, compared to the standard Warhammer Renaissance game.

At the end of the day we will know which alliance triumphed and which leader will be granted the Crown of Command and rule Thorne Mountain.

Armies and alliances: Each participant must bring with him an army, a 1500 points list, and a 1000 points list for the army. When signing up, it would be very helpful if you could list all the armies you could potentially play so forming a narrative alliance (as opposed to e.g. a High Elf, Chaos, Undead, Norse alliance) can be formed.

When all seats are taken, I will form alliances and inform the participants. They then select a leader. Of course, it may be impossible to make sensible alliances, but at least I will give it a go.

I fully endorse any sort of team-oriented behaviour, such as (but not limited to) uniform coloured or emblazoned clothing, developing a pre-battle rallying call, or adding thematic banners to your force. The world is your oyster.

I will also need a dedicated stand-in player in addition to myself, to compensate if we suffer any absentees.

The actual games and scenarios will be kept a secret and revealed on the day.