Khardon Island

In the Great Ocean of the coast of Araby lies the island of Khardon. Once in the hazy past this Island was an important way point for the Dwarves in their trades with Araby and the Elves. At some point, during the incursions of Nagash, the Island was overrun with the Undead and the Dwarves either sought refuge on the mainland or died defending their strongholds on the island.

In thevaults of Karak-Norn, High King Belegar discovering the ancient runes describing the Island of Khardon. He realised that this might be the resting place of the Book of Andulin, which contains a long list of grudges born by the Dwarves towards the Elves of that era. The book went missing during the wars with the Undead and it has been a great embarrasment ever since. King Belegar sent an aide to his ally in Karak-Skak-Arag, King Gorrin, and suggested that they mounted an expedition to the island with the aim of recovering the Book of Andulin.

King Gorrin immediately accepted, as the thought of swiping this stain from the Dwarven history was much enticing. 13 strong young Scouts were sent to the Khardon. Two years later a single scout returned, having aged unaturally fast, confirming that the Undead presence was still strong on the island. He succumbed to old age only days after returning to Karak-Narn. The two Dwarf kings spent the next 3 years building a formiddable army and then set out to take the island by force. During the journey the navigators were lured by Manaan and the two forces were split and arrived on the island with a few months in between and at different locations.

The Island was covered in mists and no sounds were heard anywhere. The climate was humid as in the Southern Lands. Through the clouds the peaks of the Dark Mountain of Khardon was clearly seen. The Dwarf forces set out to recover the Book of Andulin.

Playing the Campaign

Each game played will reveal a new piece of land on the map. The enemy forces and the terrain and objectives used will be dependent on the location where the battle takes place. There are a few special locations on the map, which will allow for certain scenarios to be played. Game wise all games will be simple 2,000 battles to make for an interesting afternoon. The campaign does not have any logistic dimensions involved and serves only to put a bit of narrative on an otherwise endless stream of games versus Dwarves.

In addition to this, the campaign also does not feature any turns. Simply, the games are played at whim, and reported here in the order they are played. That means that sometimes one player will play 3 games, while the other plays 1. Put it down to circumstance, weather and so on.


The Dwarf players have rolled their starting locations. The Dwarves of High King Belagor landed in the South East, while the Dwarves of King Gorrin landed in the North East. The locations are indicated on the map above. Each player now has to choose which direction they wish to pursue and new maps showing the new pieces will be uploaded. Of course the one king shouldn’t be able to see what the other king discovers, but in this case we will assume that some sort of information is passed back and forth and hence they will be able to see each other’s discoveries.